Within days came news and positive numbers for the building industry and construction, numbers that are finally mark a concrete recovery not only for investment but also for workers. We know that the construction sector was one of those principally affected by the economic crisis of recent years and, in parallel, has never diminished the belief that precisely on this sector was necessary to aim for recovery, using it as a driving force. Well, in this evocative appears the name chosen for the conference organized by Legacoop Emilia West in Reggio Emilia “Building the Future”, in which was also attended by Nomisma with good news for the construction industry.

According to data that the association has spread throughout the course of his speech, since 2008 the sector has lost as much as 31.6%. But he hopes observing arrives the last two months of 2015, when at last the sign was positive in front of an increase of + 4% and + 0.6% respectively in November and December. In 2015 there has been a slowdown in investments for new construction, for which you are employed, however 18.7 billion euro but soared those for redevelopment and modernization, real priority needs of real estate assets Italian. For this construction branch, in 2015, they were spent 47.9 billion. A still mark the return air there are also data on mortgages: the first half of 2015 were disbursed 17.3 billion (+ 53% over the same period of 2014). And estimates of the second half is even more positive, with the assumption disbursed € 21 billion.

But, as initially anticipated, the good news is not unique to the investment industry, but also that of employees in the sector: according to the latest ISTAT report of income tax in Italy, comparing last January with the same month of 2015, the pay hourly for workers has increased by 1.5%.

Source: news.immobiliare.it