Besides the data on trades, the Omi notes Revenue Agency showed that in 2015 a real boom in mortgage loans for home purchase was recorded: + 19.5% compared to 2014 (+30,000 units) for a total of about 190,000 entered into mortgages.

In detail, the note reads: “The purchase and sale of housing made in 2015 by individuals availing a mortgage with iscizione mortgage on real estate acquired in the credit guarantee show a growth rate compared to 2014 of + 19.5%, for a total of about 190 thousand units, more than 30 thousand in the 2014 “.

The capital disbursed in 2015 amounted to about 23 billion euro, with an increase, even in this case, closer to 20% than that seen in 2014. The average capital paid per household has remained substantially unchanged compared to 2014 and amounted approximately 119 thousand euro. The average maturity of loans issued during 2015 remains in line with the previous year, 22 years and a half.

The share of homes purchased by individuals with the use of mortgage loan rises to 45.5% gaining almost 5 percentage points compared to the incidence recorded in 2014. The note points out: “You can certainly say that the recovery of the residential market in 2015, it has been supported significantly by a sizeable offer credit recovery and the reduction of its cost “.